At Amazon Transportation Services, we’ve developed a large network of asset-based fleets across the United States to haul freight. By working with Amazon Transportation Services you will be given direct access to our freight so that based on capacity needs and your performance you will deliver those Amazon smiles each and every day to our customers!

Ready to work with Amazon Transportation Services?

Working with Amazon Transportation Services will give you several different opportunities to grow your business. You can run “power only” round trips using Amazon’s trailers in our Linehaul program or bid on straight truck runs in our Straight Truck/Box Truck program. If you don’t want to commit any capacity you can also search for loads on our Relay Load Board. The choice is yours based on your performance and our need.

To better understand our operations, carriers in most cases begin working off our load board.


Relay Load Board

  • Search available loads in any region.
  • Rates displayed are all inclusive.
  • No capacity commitment.
  • Linehaul Program: (Needed if there are capacity gaps)

Choose from:

  • Daily: Truck returns daily after round trip, typically multiple stops.
  • Overnight: Truck returns every other day after round trip, typically multiple stops.
  • Team: Truck returns back to origin domicile region weekly.
  • Power only round trip runs.
  • Dispatch must be available 24/7 for us to communicate with.
  • Weekly pre-planned loads based on Amazon’s need and performance scorecard which is determined by on-time service, use of technology and not rejecting loads.
  • Regional flat rates + fuel surcharge based on the weekly national DOE, applicable tolls and weekly settlements

Straight Truck/Box Truck Program:

  • Ability to bid on lanes when request for pricing is available.
  • Runs between Amazon sort centers and Post Offices.
  • Dispatcher on site during dispatch hours.
  • 26’ box trucks with lift-gate and pallet jack.

*Amazon Does Not Allow Brokering Loads With The Exception Of The Straight Truck/Box Truck Program*




Checks for Onboarding and Monitoring

Required Status


Load Board 

Box Truck

DOT Status

Active w/ Interstate Authority; Valid MC

Yes Yes Yes

Entity Type

Carrier; Authorized for Property & for Hire

Yes Yes Yes

Number of Tractors

Minimum 3 1 3

Safety Rating

Satisfactory or None





Valid Yes No Yes

Insurance - Liability Limit

$1M per occurrence; $2M aggregate

Yes Yes Yes

Insurance - Vehicle Limit

$1M per occurrence, including trailer replacement at cost or $50k whichever is less

Yes Yes

Yes; Trailer Replacement Not Applicable

Insurance - Cargo Limit


Yes Yes Yes

Insurance - Workers' Comp

Must satisfy requirements in states where you perform services

Yes No Yes

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